Rick Creese

A photo of Rick Creese
E-mail: rcreese@ucla.edu Office: Kaplan Hall 114

Richard Creese came to UCLA after earning a B.A. at the University of Colorado, Boulder and an M.A. at the University of Colorado, Denver in English Literature. He was awarded a PhD in English Literature from UCLA, where he specialized in Twentieth-Century British Literature, Narrative Technique, and the Theory of Criticism. His dissertation was on Graham Greene.

Creese teaches mostly English 3 and assumes that the purpose of the course is to introduce students to new and complex texts, ideas, and ways of thinking. It should engage students in intellectual tasks similar to what they find in other courses. To do this, he has designed courses that depend on a number of readings—some literary and some not—rather than on a standard textbook. He believes that the only way to learn to write academic papers is to write academic papers. He has also taught a number of courses for the UCLA Honors Collegium, including HC 21W, “The Rise and Fall of Modernism,” which he still teaches once a year. He has also taught in the USC Filmic Writing Program.