Using Zoom for Scheduled Appts.

    1. When you book your appointment through MyUCLA, a Zoom link will automatically be created. To find it, go to and click on the “Book It” link. There, you will see your scheduled appointments and the Zoom link for your appointment. This link will have the following format:
        • The 9 digit number at the end will be your Meeting ID
    1. After clicking on the link, it will quickly download Zoom. 
    2. Click on the “start meeting” or “choose” button to start the meeting.
  1. If you are already signed in to your Zoom via your myUCLA account, you can see the Zoom link for your meetings under “Meetings” on your homepage (see the “clock” icon at the top of the screen). Click on “meetings” and you will see the link. Just click on the “start” icon.
  1. Make sure to select Select “Join With Computer Audio” so the PLF will be able to hear. Once your PLF joins the meeting, you will be able to see/hear them.

6. If you have technical trouble using Zoom, click here.