Sharing Your Paper With Google Docs

  1. You will receive a text reminder when you create your appointment & the day before your appointment, asking you to share your paper with us via Google docs at least 1 hour BEFORE your scheduled appointment time.
  2. Go to and click on Book It to see your appointment or go directly to MyUCLA, Click on “Academic” and then “Appointments.” Find your appt. for the day and follow the instructions for sharing the link to your paper.
  3. When you upload your paper to Google Docs before sharing your paper with us, please make sure that:
    – It is NOT a PDF file
    – It IS in Word or another format that can be shared on Google Docs
    – Make sure that you have set the document to be edited by “anyone with the link”. To do this, open the “Share” button in the upper right hand corner.
    – In the Share button, go to the “Get Link” section and set on “Anyone with link can edit.”
    – Now, click on “copy link.” This is the link you should share with us.