Making the Most of Your Appointment

UWC PLFs promise to:

      • Give you the full appointment time — 50 minutes or 25 minutes, depending on the Brainstorm Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Projectappointment length (if you arrive on time for the Zoom appointment)
      • Model active learning strategies.
      • Encourage a collaborative discussion.
      • Allow you to maintain ownership of your ideas.
      • Offer suggestions about how to choose and narrow a topic. 
      • Help you brainstorm ideas for your paper.
      • Help you develop organizational strategies.
      • Share suggestions for how to revise.
      • Guide you in effectively editing/proofreading your paper.
      • Show you how to utilize their writing strengths and recognize your writing weaknesses.

In turn, we ask those of you who make UWC appointments to:

      • Share a copy of your assignment and the prompt, if provided, via Google Docs at least 2 hours BEFORE the scheduled appointment time.No Phone Cell
      • Shut off your cell phones and close down other programs on your computer to eliminate distractions.
      • Prioritize one assignment to discuss.
      • Think about specific concerns you want to address during the appointment.
      • Actively participate in the discussion.
      • Be receptive to and try out alternative ideas and/or approaches suggested by the PLF. 
      • Ask for clarification when you don’t understand a PLF’s comment. 
      • Recognize that all your concerns may not be addressed in one appointment, especially in a 30-minute session.
      • Schedule the appointment at least 24 hours before the paper is due.